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JPY/USD D1 Technical January 22

The spot rate is currently testing the intermediate support of its medium-term bearish channel at 88.50 suggesting a rebound. However, a break of these levels will initiate further bearish channel towards 87.10

 Technical indicators provide sell signals, but until the support is not broken the assumption of a rebound is most likely. Bollinger bands are stabilized showing a more regular volatility.

 The spot rate is currently testing the intermediate support of its channel, we recommend 2 scenarios. The first one is the hypothesis of a rebound where we suggest to buy on the level of 88.40 with the 1st objective of 88.99 and then at 89.10. The second scenario is a break of its support where we advise a sell stop which means to sell the spot rate as soon as it is broken through its support of 88.30 with the 1st objective at 87.70 and then at 87.50.


JPY/USD H4 Technical January 11

Resistance 3:  89.40.

Resistance 2: 88.29.

Resistance 1: 87.99.

Support 1:      87.67.

Support 2:      87.32.

Support 3:      87.70.

The spot rete is currently testing the intermediate resistance of its upper-term bullish channel at 88.92. It seems it initiates a decline. Today JPY/USD has support and resistance at 88.29 and 89.40 respectively. The rate is accompanied by strong support at 87.70 and strong resistance at 80.40. It is recommend to open SELL position at 88.90, and BUY position were open at the level of 88.29.


USD/JPY D1 Technical November 13

On daily chart USD/JPY’s deeper decline is still expected with 79.81 resistance holds. Current fall from 80.67 would extend to 77.93/78.86 support zone. As noted before, whole rebound from 77.13 might be finished after meeting 80.61 cluster resistances and another low below 77.13 is expected. Federal Budget Balance and FOMC Member Yellen Speaks can affect the rate of pair


USD/JPY D1 Technical November 12

USDJPY continues its downwards movement from 80.67, and the fall extends to  as low as 79.07. Further decline is possible and the target would be at 78.80 area. However, the fall is likely consolidation of the longer term uptrend from 77.14 , one more rise to 80.20 area is still possible after sideway trading.


USD/JPY D1 Technical November 8

USD/JPY’s consolidation from 80.67 short term top is still in progress and intraday bias remains neutral. We’d expect pull back to be contained by 79.27 support and bring another rise. Break of 80.67 will extend the rally from 77.13 to 61.8% retracement of 84.17 to 77.13 at 81.48 next.U.S Trade balance and Unemployment claims can seriously affect the rate of pair.


USD/JPY D1 Technical September 27

USD/JPY has a support at 77.55. The price at this point should be watched carefully it can provide this pair a very good bullish trend. Bollinger bands are showing selling signals but as long as pair hold its support, more bullish chances are there for USD/JPY .Unemployment Claims, Retail Sales and Tokyo Core may have impact on currency.


USD/JPY H4 Technical September 25

USD/JPY dropped upto 77.60 so far the day and further downward movement is expected. This level is favoring slightly bullish case because decline from 84.17 is finished at 77.13 already. so, downside should be contained well above 77.13 and bring reversell. Below 77.36 minor support will push the pair to the upside for the frist target of 79.22 level. If the first target reached then the target will be 80.61 resistance (50% retracement of 84.17 to 77.13 at 80.65).

Laterly the CB Consumer Confidence will have its impact over  the pair.


USD/JPY D1 Technical 20 September

The Bank of Japan has extended its asset purchasing program by 10 trillion yen, yesterday’s trading session for the USD/JPY passed rather volatile. At the same time, the test of level of 79.00 level with the price coming closer to 79.20 led to rebound in price near 100 pips. Meanwhile, despite the drop, it seems like the pair may resume formation of upward correctional structure. It is estimated that it may begin from the yesterday’s low or the level of 77.90.


USD/JPY D1 Technical September 19

USD/JPY fell sharply today and as the cable breaks the 78.50 support level we expect that the cable will continue its downfall for testing of 77.30 support, closure above the 78.80 will again be bullish.


USD/JPY D1 Technical September 18

USD/JPY rose yesterday to a high of 78.87 but could not manage to hold the rice above 78.80 level and today if the cable manage to close below the resistance this will indicate that the cable is resuming its downtrend, while break and closure above the 78.70 level will be bullish. TIC Long-Term Purchases, Current Account can affect the rate of pair.