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EUR/USD D1 Technical July 05

EUR/USD get a pull back from 1.3000 level yesterday after the news of ECB and dropped up to 140 pips. Now the support is at 1.2850 level and resistance is around 1.2950 level. break through any level will confirm the new trend for the pair. At this movement Bollinger bands are showing sell signals. But as long pair hold 1.2850 level there can up some upward movement.

So, price action on support level should be watch. H4 and D1 candle chart are showing a group of Buyers in this zone. If EUR/USD manage to hold its support and H4 candle closure above 1.2950 level then it will provide bullish strength to pair and EUR/USD will then continue its uppish trend towards 1.3048 which is acting as pivot point.

On the contrary, If pair fails to hold its support level 1.2850 and H4 candle closure below this level then it will open gates towards southward and EUR/USD will then fall rapidly towards 1.2800 level.

High impact News can affect the movement of EUR/USD. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate.



EUR/USD D1 Technical July 02

EUR/USD will remain in bearish trend under 1.3106 level. Bollinger bands are showing sell signals for the pair.  If pair manage to break through its resistance 1.3106 level and h4 candle chart closure above resistance then pair will show bullish potential  and EUR/USD will then continue its uppish trend towards 1.3150-70 level respectively.

But if pair fails to break its resistance and H4 candle closure below 1.3100 then it will provide a valid sell entry point with stop loss just located above 1.3006 and take profit at 1.3010 level.



EUR/USD D1 Technical April 11

Yesterday EUR/USD got a pull back from its resistance zone 1.3130 level. Today Bollinger bands are showing buy signals for the pair but as long resistance is not broken there are chances for further decline. So price action on 1.3130 level should be handle carefully. If EUR/USD manage to break this level then pair will further move up and target 1.3170 level.

On the other hand, If pair didn’t manage to overcome its resistance level then, it will indicate bearish strength for EUR/USD and pair will rapidly dropped southward.

High impact News can affect the movement of EUR/USD. News like Unemployment Claims.



EUR/USD D1 Technical October 1

On Friday EUR/USD tested its physical level 1.3000, but bears hold there position from 1.2956, due to this bearish move we are expecting now pair will test its strong support 1.2750. If today pair manage to break its Thursday low this will confirm bearish trend, There is still some bullishness in EUR/USD, first pair will test its support before going upward.



EUR/GBP D1 Technical September 14

EUR/GBP continue its upward movement and will face resistance at 0.8073,break of the trend line will indicate more bullish strength, so we recommend buy deals from the current position targeting 0.8073 and if the cable close above the trend line, the take profit will be increase to 0.8100 and 0.8150.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical August 28

On daily chart  EUR/GBP’s outlook remain neutral, As it’s staying below 0.7962 resistance, larger decline from 0.9083 is expected to resume sooner or later. Below 0.7811 should turn bias back to the downside and send the cross through 0.7755 low to 0.7692 key support level next. Though, note again that break of 0.7962 resistance will now be an early sign of reversal and should turn focus back to 0.8152 resistance instead.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical August 22

EUR/GBP’s outlook at this point, we’ll stay warily bearish as long as 0.7945 resistance holds. Below 0.7811 will target 0.7755 low first and break will confirm fall resumption for 0.7692 key support level next. However, break of 0.7945 resistance will now be an early sign of reversal and should turn focus back to 0.8152 resistance instead.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical July 27

EUR/GBP broke the bearish channel and now trading at 0.7814 and will face resistance at 0.7844 and support at 0.7796, break of support will be violently bearish.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical July 23

Intraday outlook of EUR/GBP remains on the downside for the moment and current fall should still be in progress to key support level at 0.7695.Closure above 0.7830 resistance will turn outlook neutral. But break of 0.7949 resistance is needed to indicate reversal. Otherwise, outlook will remain bearish even in case of recovery.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical July 17

On daily chart  EUR/GBP remains on the downside and current fall. However, as noted before, we’ll be cautious on reversal signal as the cross meets next long term fibonacci level at 0.7782. On the upside, break of 0.7906 resistance should indicate short term bottoming and flip bias back to the upside for rebound. Fed Chairman Bernanke Testification can affect the rate of pair.