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USD/CAD D1 Technical June 25

The outlook remain bullish above 1.0390 level. Bollinger bands are not providing clear signals due to oversold of USD/CAD. Correction is expected towards 1.0445 level. Price action on 1.0445 level should be carefully watch.

If USD/CAD manage to break its support level and H4 candle closure below 1.0445 level then pair will target 1.0390  which is key support. But if pair fails to break its support and get a bounce from support zone then it will continue its bullish trend towards 1.0550-600-650 level respectively.

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AUD/USD D1 Technical June 10

AUD/USD break 0.9525 level and target 0.9380 level. Which is acting as a strong support on W1 chart. Bollinger bands are not showing clear signals for the pair. As rate is at last Bollinger showing oversold for AUD/USD. So, here is expected retracement  towards 0.9525 level.

If pair manage to hold its key level 0.9380 and H4 candle closure above 0.9525 level then pair will show some bullish strength that will take Aussies further upward and AUD/USD will then continue its new bullish trend towards 0.9840 level.

On the other hand, If pair didn’t manage to hold this level 0.9380 and D1 or H4 candle closure below this level this will then indicate strong bearish strength and pair will rapidly start falling towards southward.


GBP/USD D1 Technical April 22

The Cable is expected to test its support 1.5190 level today. Bollinger bands are also showing sell signals for GBP/USD. Price action on 1.5190 level should be handle carefully. If GBP/USD break its support and H4 candle close below 1.5190 level then it will open gate towards south and cable will then target 1.5135-100 level respectively.

On the other hand, Break of resistance 1.5260 level will provide bullish strength to GBP/USD and pair will move up and target north.

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AUD/USD H4 Technical April 12

Yesterday Aussies manage to break its resistance 1.0547 and target around 35 pips. Now the resistance is at 1.0580 level. As the price is at last Bollinger showing oversold of AUD/USD. SO, there can be correction and pair will move down to test its support 1.0493 level.

Price action on this level should be carefully handle. If AUD/USD mange to break this level and H4 candle close below support then pair will further dropped towards south. On the contrary, If pair hold its support level and H4 candle close above 1.0493 level, it will indicate bullish potential and pair will again continue its uppish trend.

High impact News can change the scenario. News like Core Retail Sales m/m, PPI m/m, Retail Sales m/m, Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment, Fed Chairman Bernanke Speaks.