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EUR/USD D1 Technical 20 September

On daily chart  EUR/USD pair fell during most of the session on Thursday, Yesterday candle at the end of the day ended up being a hammer, and this of course shows signs of support and strength. The move been fairly parabolic over the last couple of weeks, so we hoped to see a stronger pullback than what happened. Because of this, it does look like the buyers are going to push prices much higher though, so we recommend buy deals from support levels.


AUD/USD D1 Technical September 19

The AUD/USD pair fell but formed a nice hammer after it bounced and later hours. This suggests that perhaps the 1.0400 level will be supportive, and we could see a return to much higher we recommend buy deals if the cable manages to close above the Line A.


GBP/USD D1 Technical September 18

GBP/USD continue to rally toward highs, The cable has a strong resistance at 1.6286 and support at 1.6192,so we recommend buy deals as soon as the cable reaches the support area. TIC Long-Term Purchases, Current Account can affect the rate of pair.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical September 14

EUR/GBP continue its upward movement and will face resistance at 0.8073,break of the trend line will indicate more bullish strength, so we recommend buy deals from the current position targeting 0.8073 and if the cable close above the trend line, the take profit will be increase to 0.8100 and 0.8150.


EUR/USD D1 Technical September 7

EUR/USD rose as Manufacturing orders for July in Germany gained 0.5% against the forecast of 0.3% growth and in contrast to 1.6% fall in June, At 16:30 Non-farm payrolls index is expected for August. The economists expect it to reach 121K in contrast to 163K in July. But as far as the growth in the private sector was the highest for the last 6 months, Non-farm payrolls should be above expectations as well.
Technically the price broke through the downward channel of October 30, 2011 and May 1, 2012), it still should fix above the maximum of June 18 (1.2746).So buy deals are recommended targeting 1.2690 and 1.2730.


GBP/USD D1 Technical September 06

The GBP/USD pair rose to 1.5928. At the end of the European session though, the cable retraces back. The 1.59 level still looks very resistive, and as such it appears that more consolidation and “churning” needs to be done in order to push this pair much higher.1.5850 is very solid Support Zone for this cable so we recommend buy deals as soon as the cable  reaches the support zone


USD/JPY D1 Technical September 06

USD/JPY rose as expected after the release of U.S Unemployment claims data ,if the cable manages to close above the 78.85 the next resistance will be 79.10 so we recommend buy deals till the cable touches the Line A.


USD/JPY D1 Technical September 5

During yesterday’s trading session, the USD/JPY pair was moving in a narrow price range of 20 points. The fall towards 78.00 level is also possible and after testing the support the quotes may grow to 78.50 and 78.90 level so we recommend buy deals as soon as the cable reaches the 78.00 level.


EUR/USD D1 Technical September 4

EUR/USD drops sharply during the European Session during Tuesday, At 18:00 The US ISM manufacturing index will be released. The economists are anticipating the indicator to hit 50.1 against 49.8 in July. So we recommend buy deals if the cable manages to close above the Line A. U.S ISM Manufacturing PMI can affect the rate of pair.


USD/CAD D1 Technical August 30

USD/CAD touches the strong support of 0.9843 and bounces back and now trading at 0.9916,now the cable should retrace toward 0.9976 which is 23.6 % of Fibonacci retracement,so we recommend buy deals targeting 0.9976 which if break will send the cable to test the 1.0064 level.