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EUR/USD D1 Technical April 11

Yesterday EUR/USD got a pull back from its resistance zone 1.3130 level. Today Bollinger bands are showing buy signals for the pair but as long resistance is not broken there are chances for further decline. So price action on 1.3130 level should be handle carefully. If EUR/USD manage to break this level then pair will further move up and target 1.3170 level.

On the other hand, If pair didn’t manage to overcome its resistance level then, it will indicate bearish strength for EUR/USD and pair will rapidly dropped southward.

High impact News can affect the movement of EUR/USD. News like Unemployment Claims.



AUD/USD D1 Technical March 08

Aussies is trading in a small range of 1.0290-1.0150 level. Pair is expecting to test its resistance 1.0290 level and suggested a decline. However, if AUD/USD manage to break 1.0290 level and H4 candle close above it then pair will further move up.

Bollinger bands are providing sell signals for the pair. Price action on 1.0290 level should be carefully watch, If H4 candle fails to close above 1.0290 level, then it will indicate bearish strength for the pair and pair will then target 1.0200-01950 level respectively.

High impact News can change the scenario. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate.


AUD/USD D1 Technical January 30

After getting a support from 1.0385 level pair continue its uppish trend and now AUD is testing upper limit of bearish channal around 1.0490 level and suggested a decline. However if pair manage to break 1.0490 level and give a daily closing above this level then AUD/USD will get more strength to target North.

High impact News of USD can affect the trend of AUSD/USD. News like ADP Non-Farm Employment Change and FOMC Statement.


USD/JPY D1 Technical November 13

On daily chart USD/JPY’s deeper decline is still expected with 79.81 resistance holds. Current fall from 80.67 would extend to 77.93/78.86 support zone. As noted before, whole rebound from 77.13 might be finished after meeting 80.61 cluster resistances and another low below 77.13 is expected. Federal Budget Balance and FOMC Member Yellen Speaks can affect the rate of pair


USD/JPY H4 Technical September 25

USD/JPY dropped upto 77.60 so far the day and further downward movement is expected. This level is favoring slightly bullish case because decline from 84.17 is finished at 77.13 already. so, downside should be contained well above 77.13 and bring reversell. Below 77.36 minor support will push the pair to the upside for the frist target of 79.22 level. If the first target reached then the target will be 80.61 resistance (50% retracement of 84.17 to 77.13 at 80.65).

Laterly the CB Consumer Confidence will have its impact over  the pair.


AUD/USD D1 Technical August 28

AUD/USD’s decline is still in progress as expected and reaches as low as 1.0344 so far. As noted before, rebound from 0.9588 is finished at 1.0612 already. Fall from there is expected to continue to 1.0176 and below. In any case, we’ll stay bearish as long as 1.0544 resistance holds and expect deeper decline ahead.U.S Consumer Confidence can affect the rate of pair.


USD/CHF D1 Technical August 28

USD/CHF’s recovery from 0.9538 temporary low is still in progress and could extend to 4 hours 55 EMA (now at 0.9647). But upside is expected to be limited well below 0.9799 resistance and bring another decline. Fall from 0.9971 is expected to continue and below 0.9538 will target 0.9420 key support level next.U.S Consumer Confidence can affect the rate of pair.


GBP/USD D1 Technical August 10

On daily chart GBP/USD’s outlook as sideways trading continues. On the upside, break of 1.5635 resistance will confirm resumption of rebound to test 1.5770 resistance zone However, break of 1.5540 support will invalidate this case and should bring another decline through 1.5392 support instead. U.S. Import prices m/m, Federal Budget Balance data that can change the rate of the pair.


EUR/USD H4 Technical July 25

EUR/USD recovers after tumbling to 1.2042. With 4 hours MACD crossed above signal line. But still, near term outlook remains bearish with 1.2324 resistances intact and deeper decline is expected. Below 1.2042 will target 1.1875 key support level next. U.S New Home Sales data can affect the rate of pair.