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EUR/USD D1 Technical July 14

The outlook for the EUR/USD is bullish. Yesterday pair manage to hold its support level 1.2930 level and start moving upward. Bollinger bands are showing buy signals for the pair. If pair manage to break through its resistance and H4 candle chart closure above 1.3030 level then EUR will continue its uppish trend towards 1.3070-1.3010 level respectively.

The scenario will be vanished, If pair didn’t manage to hold its key support 1.2880 level and H4 candle closure below this level will indicate bearish strength that will open gates towards southward and pair will then drop towards 1.2830-800 level.

High impact News can change the scenario. News like Minimum Bid Rate, ECB Press Conference.



GBP/USD D1 Technical July 14

Yesterday cable manage to hold its support level 1.5100 and get a good bounce. Currently pair is trading at 1.5250 level. Now support is around 1.5197 level. Bollinger bands are providing sell signals for the pair.  Price action on 1.5197 should be carefully watch.

If GBP/USD manage to reached 1.5197 level and get a bounce then it will indicate bullish strength that will allow Cable to start moving towards northward and target 1.5260-300 level respectively.

On the other hand, If pair fails to hold its support level and H4 candle chart closure below support level then pair will rapidly start falling towards southward and target will be 1.5150-100 level respectively.

High impact Data’s can change the scenario. Data’s like Asset Purchase Facility, Official Bank Rate, MPC Rate Statement.


GBP/USD D1 Technical May 28

GBP/USD didn’t manage to overcome 1.5180 level yesterday and get bearish strength and currently it is dropping towards  support 1.5023-1.4980 level. Bollinger bands are showing sell signals for GBP/USD.

There can be two scenario, first if cable manage to hold 1.4980 level which is acting as strong support then GBP/USD will start a new bullish trend.

But if cable fails to hold 1.4980 level and give a day closure below  1.4980 level. It will then indicate strong bearish strength which will take GBP/USD further down.



USD/JPY D1 Technical 20 September

The Bank of Japan has extended its asset purchasing program by 10 trillion yen, yesterday’s trading session for the USD/JPY passed rather volatile. At the same time, the test of level of 79.00 level with the price coming closer to 79.20 led to rebound in price near 100 pips. Meanwhile, despite the drop, it seems like the pair may resume formation of upward correctional structure. It is estimated that it may begin from the yesterday’s low or the level of 77.90.