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EUR/USD D1 Technical July 08

On last Friday, pair get bearish and dropped towards 1.2830 level.  Bollinger bands are still showing bearish signal.  Pair is expected to test its next support at 1.2750 level.

There can be two scenarios. Firstly, If pair manage to reached to 1.2860 level then we can sell this pair with stop loss above 1.2900 level and take profit at 1.2800.

Secondly, If pair manage to break 1.2900 level then we can buy this pair and take profit at 1.2950 level. If pair get a pull back from 1.2950 level then pair will fall again towards 1.2850 level.

High impact News can affect the movement of pair. News like Eurogroup Meetings, ECB President Draghi Speaks.



EUR/USD D1 Technical 13

The outlook for the EUR/USD is bearish for today. Pair will face its support at 1.2928 level. Bollinger bands are showing sell signals for EUR/USD. If pair manage to break through its support level and H4 candle close below 1.2928 level then it will show bearish potential and EUR will then dropped further towards south and target 1.2880 level.

The scenario will be vanished, If EUR/USD manage to overcome its resistance 1.3045 level and H4 closure above 1.3045 will take pair further high towards northward.

High impact News can affect the Trend of pair. News like Core Retail Sales m/m, Retail Sales m/m, Eurogroup Meetings.



EUR/USD D1 Technical January 21

Pair will first move upward, but it is likely to fell in New York session. We are expecting EUR/USD to break support 1.3250 level today and test next support around 1.3230 level.
Lately high impact News can change the scenario. News like Eurogroup Meetings.




EUR/USD D1 Technical November 20

Near term outlook for the pair is bullish. Support lies at 1.2760 level. EUR/USD is testing its resistance at 1.2825-35 level. Breakthrough 1.2735 level  will confirm uppish strength and will take pair upward and target 1.2850-70 respectively.
Later on High impact News can affect the movement of EUR/USD. News like Eurogroup Meetings, Building Permits and Fed Chairman Bernanke Speaks.