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AUD/USD D1 Technical June 04

AUD/USD is in bullish trend. Bollinger bands are providing buy signals for the pair. Aussies is expected to move first down and test 0.9596 level and get a bounce and after that pair will target 0.9840 level.

Price action on 0.9596 level should be carefully watch. If AUD/USD manage to break this level and H4 candle closure below 0.9596 then it will indicate bearish potential and AUD will continue to fall towards southward and target 0.9525 level.

On the other hand. If AUD/USD manage to hold 0.9596 level and get a bounce then it will provide a valid buy entry with stop loss is just located below 0.9520 level.

High impact news can affect the trend of AUD/USD. News like Trade Balance, GDP q/q.



AUD/USD D1 Technical March 05

Bollinger bands are showing buy signals for Aussies. Pair is now in bullish potential and is likely to test its resistance at 1.0290 level. If pair manage to break this level and give a day closing above then it will continue its uppish trend

On the contrary, daily closure below resistance will indicate bearish strength for the pair and pair will then again start moving towards southward.

High impact News can affect the Trend of Aussies. News like ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI and GDP q/q.


GBP/USD D1 Technical February 28

GBP/USD is trading in a range of 1.5215-1.5050. Break of any level will clear the trend. Pair has strength to break its resistance 1.5215 level and further move up. If GBP/USD hold its key level 1.5050 level and give a day closure above resistance level. It will provide move bullish strength to Cable and GBP will then continue its northward trend and next target will be 1.5300 level. On the other hand, if pair break key level 1.5050 it will then rapidly fall towards 1.5000 level.

High impact News can affect the movement of GB/USD. News like Prelim GDP q/q and Unemployment Claims.


USD/CHF D1 Technical February 28

USD/CHF is testing is resistance at 0.9340 level. Pair is expecting to break this level today and move towards next resistance 0.9385 level. But this scenario can be change if pair get bounces under its daily resistance, it will then change the strength of pair. USD/CHF will then move towards southward and target its support  0.9227 level.

High impact Data’s can affect the trend of USD/CHF. News like Prelim GDP q/q and Unemployment Claims.


AUD/USD D1 Technical December 04

Pair has some strength to go up and test its resistance at 1.0465 level. If Aussies manages to break this level, it will open gate for the pair and AUD/USD will then target 1.0500-20 respectively.

High impact News of GDP q/q can affect the pair.



USD/CAD D1 Technical November 29

Yesterday USD/CAD tests its resistance at 0.9965 but dropped up to 50 pips. Price action on 0.9965 to 0.9900 levels should be watch carefully. Break of these point will clear the trend for USD/CAD.

High impact News of Prelim  GDP q/q, Unemployment Claims and Pending Home Sales m/m can affect the pair.