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EUR/USD D1 Technical May 06

The trend for the EUR/USD is neutral. Bollinger bands are also not providing clear signals for the pair. Below 1.3200 level EUR/USD remain in bearish trend. Currently EUR/USD is testing its physical level 1.3100 level.

Price action on this level should be watch. If pair fails to hold this level and H4 candle close below 1.3100 level then it will indicate bearish potential for EUR/USD and pair will rapidly dropped towards southward.

High impact News can affect the move of EUR/USD. News like ECB President Draghi Speaks.



EUR/USD D1 Technical April 26

The trend is neutral for now. The key level for EUR/USD is 1.3000, Price action on this level should be carefully watch if EUR/USD manage to hold 1.3000 level and give a day closure above 1.3000 then the trend for the pair is expected to be bullish for the next week.

On the contrary, day closure below 1.3000 level will provide bearish potential to EUR/USD and pair will then rapidly fall towards south and target 1.2900 level.



USD/CHF D1 Technical February 05

USD/CHF is showing Neutral signal. We are still expecting pair to hold its key support 0.9000 level and move towards north. Today’s resistance is at 0.9122 level. If pair manage to break this level and H4 candle close above it, then it will indicate pair got bullish potential and USD/CHF will then further moveĀ  upward.

High impact Data of USD can affect the pair. Data like ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI.


AUD/USD D1 Technical January 16

The trend for Aussies is neutral, 1,0520 level should be handle carefully. If pair break this level and close below this level, it will be indication of strong bearish strength.On the contrary if pair manage to hold support of 1.0520 level then we will likely to see AUD/USD higher.
High impact Data’s can change the scenario. Data’s like Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and Core CPI m/m.


AUD/USD D1 Technical January 15

Aussies has support at 1.0520 level, if pair hold this support then we are expecting AUD/USD to be high this week. Over all the trend is neutral, today’s clouser above
1.0600 level will make sure a new strength of AUD/USD.
High impact News can change the scenario. News like Core Retail Sales m/m, PPI m/m and Retail Sales m/m.


EUR/USD D1 Technical November 13

On daily chart EUR/USD remains on the downside for the moment and correction from 1.3171 could go deeper to 61.8% retracement of 1.2036 to 1.3170 at 1.2471. On the upside, above 1.2789 minor resistance will turn outlook neutral . But break of 1.2882 is needed to be the first sign of reversal. Or risk will now stay on the downside. Federal Budget Balance and FOMC Member Yellen Speaks can affect the rate of pair.


USD/JPY D1 Technical November 8

USD/JPY’s consolidation from 80.67 short term top is still in progress and intraday bias remains neutral. We’d expect pull back to be contained by 79.27 support and bring another rise. Break of 80.67 will extend the rally from 77.13 to 61.8% retracement of 84.17 to 77.13 at 81.48 next.U.S Trade balance and Unemployment claims can seriously affect the rate of pair.


USD/CHF D1 Technical September 18

USD/CHF starts sideway trading and the cable has a strong resistance at 0.9283 which is 23.6 % of the Fibonacci retracement of the rally from 0.7067-0.9971,closure above the resistance will turn the bias to neutral but the main trend will be the downside. TIC Long-Term Purchases, Current Account can affect the rate of pair.


EUR/GBP D1 Technical August 28

On daily chartĀ  EUR/GBP’s outlook remain neutral, As it’s staying below 0.7962 resistance, larger decline from 0.9083 is expected to resume sooner or later. Below 0.7811 should turn bias back to the downside and send the cross through 0.7755 low to 0.7692 key support level next. Though, note again that break of 0.7962 resistance will now be an early sign of reversal and should turn focus back to 0.8152 resistance instead.


EUR/USD H4 Technical August 20

Intraday outlook of EUR/USD remains neutral as sideway trading continues. Below 1.2255 minor support will bring deeper retreat. But still, as long as 1.2133 support holds, rebound from 1.2042 is expected to resume sooner or later. Above 1.2443 will target 1.2747 (50% retracement of 1.3486 to 1.2042 at 1.2764).