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GBP/USD D1 Technical July 02

The structure or the Cable is not clear yet. Today range for the GBP is 1.5150-1.5270 level.  Bollinger bands are showing buy signal for the pair. There can be two scenario.

Firstly, If pair manage to break its support 1.5150 level and then it will allow pair to target 1.5100 level.  Secondly, if pair manage to hold its support level and H4 candle chart closure above support then it will take GBP/USD towards northward and pair will then target 1.5270 level which is today’s resistance.

High impact Data of GBP can affect the trend of Pair. Data like Construction PMI.


USD/CAD D1 Technical June 19

USD/CAD is in bearish mood today. Bollinger bands are also showing sell signals for the pair. USD/CAD is expected to face its support at 1.0160 level today. If Pair manage to hold its support 1.0160 level and H4 candle closure above 1.0180 then pair will start moving towards northward.

Price action on 1.0160 level should be carefully watch. If USD/CAD fails to break this level and H4 candle chart closure below support level then pair will continue its bearish trend.

High impact Data’s can affect the move of USD/CAD. Data’s like FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement, FOMC Press Conference, BOC Gov Poloz Speaks.


EUR/USD D1 Technical February 14

Bollinger bands are showing sell signals for the EUR/USD. Pair will face it’s support around 1.3349 level. If EUR manage to break this level and H4 candle close  below 1.3349 level, then it will indicate more bearish strength and pair will then continue its trend and target next support 1.3250 level. On the contrary, If H4 candle close above support level 1.3349 then EUR/USD will move northward and target 1.3520 level.

High impact Data of Unemployment Claims can affect the Trend of EUR/USD.