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USD/CAD D1 Technical June 11

USD/CAD manage to hold its support 1.0160 level and move upward. As pair has break its resistance 1.0233 level now next target will be 1.0290. Bollinger bands are also showing buy signals for the pair.

Price action on 1.0290 level should be carefully watch H4 and D1 candle chart are showing group of sellers in this zone. So, if pair get a pull back from 1.0290 level and H4 candle closure below this level then USD/CAD will dropped again towards 1.0233-200 level.

The scenario will be change, If USD/CAD manage to break 1.0290 level and H4 or D1 candle chart closure above resistance level. It will then show more bullish potential that will take USD/CAD high towards north.



USD/CAD D1 Technical May 29

USD/CAD mange to break 1.0390 level yesterday. Now pair will face its weekly resistance at 1.0445 level. W1 is showing group of sellers in this zone.  Bollinger bands are not providing clear signals due to overbought of USD/CAD.

So, it is important to watch price action on 1.0445 level. If pair get pull back from this level and H4 or D1 candle closure below 1.0390 level then it will clearly indicate bearish strength and USD/CAD will then start moving southward and first target will be 1.0300-0280 level respectively.

This scenario will be vanished. If pair manage to overcome its resistance and H4 or D1 candle chart closure above 1.0445 level. It will then indicate USD/CAD still have bullish strength which will take pair further upward.

High impact News of CAD can affect the trend of USD/CAD. News like BOC Rate Statement, Overnight Rate.


USD/CHF D1 Technical March 07

USD/CHF is in bearish strength. We are expecting pair to retrace down towards 0.9400 level. Today resistance is around 0.9515-20 level. Price action on this level should be carefully watch. H4 chart is showing group of sellers in this zone. We are expecting pair to continue its bearish trend from the current position.

Bollinger bands are not showing clear signals for the pair. As rate is at top of Bollinger showing overbought of USD/CHF. So pair is expecting to have correction towards 0.9400 level. At 0.9400 level price action should be carefully watch. If  USD/CHF manage to close above 0.9400 level then it will indicate pair still have bullish strength and  it will again continue its uppish trend.

High impact News can affect the pair. News like SNB Chairman Jordan Speaks, Trade Balance, Unemployment Claims, Bank Stress Test Results.


EUR/USD D1 Technical February 19

EUR/USD is trading in a range of 1.3300-430 level. Pair has some bullish potential, which can take it up to test its resistance 1.3430 level,but price action on 1.3430 should be watch carefully, H4 chart is showing group of sellers in this zone so, pair can get a pull back and dropped. If pair manage to break this level and H4 candle close above 1.3430 then it will change the scenario and EUR/USD will then gain more strength to continue its northward trend and target 1.3500 level.

High impact Data can affect the Trend of EUR/USD. Data like German ZEW Economic Sentiment.