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EUR/GBP D1 Technical September 14

EUR/GBP continue its upward movement and will face resistance at 0.8073,break of the trend line will indicate more bullish strength, so we recommend buy deals from the current position targeting 0.8073 and if the cable close above the trend line, the take profit will be increase to 0.8100 and 0.8150.


AUD/USD D1 Technical August 30

AUD/USD continue its downward movement, yesterday the cable close below the 23.6 % of Fibonacci retracement so the support become the resistance, so we recommend sell deals as soon as the cable reaches the 23.6% at 1.0370 level and take profit should be at 1.0200 them 0.9980.U.S  Unemployment claims should affect the rate of pair.


GBP/USD D1 Technical August 13

GBP/USD outlook remain bullish on daily chart, 1.5768 resistance intact, closure above the resistance will send the cable t0 test the cluster resistance of 1.5902/8, after testing the cable should resume its fall, so we recommend buy deal with take profit 1.5768 and 1.5902.closure below the Line B will turn outlook neutral.


EUR/USD D1 Technical August 13

EUR/USD opens above the Line A and the cable find support at 1.2263 as it touches the Line A and shows bullish strength we expect that the cable should touch the 38.2 And 61.8 of the Fibonacci retracement of the fall from 1.3285 to 1.2036, Line is now support line of the cable, so we recommend long buying with take profit at 1.2511 and 1.2806.