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GBP/USD D1 Technical March 08

The trend for the GBP/USD is not clear yet. Bollinger bands are also tighten due to oversold of GBP. The range of pair is now from 1.4950-1.5075. Today pair is expecting to test its resistance 1.5070. Price action on this level should be watch carefully. If pair manage to break this level and H4 candle close above it then pair is likely to move further upward.

On the contrary, Break of support level 1.4950 will open gate towards southward and GBP/USD will then target 1.4900 level.

High impact News can affect the movement of pair. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate.



EUR/USD D1 Technical March 08

Yesterday in late session EUR/USD got bullish strength and target 150 pips. Pair still have a strength to move up and target its next resistance 1.3141 level. If EUR/USD breakthrough this level and H4 candle close above it then pair is likely to continue its uppish trend and  test its next resistance at 1.3170 level.

On the other hand, break of support level will show bearish strength for pair and EUR/USD will then move southward and target 1.2950 level.

High impact News can affect the trend of pair. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate.


USD/CHF D1 Technical March 08

As USD/CHF was expected for the correction yesterday. Pair target around 85 pips. But 0.9400 level is still there, above this level pair is likely to have bullish strength. Now the key resistance is around 0.9515 level. If pair manage to break its resistance and H4 candle close above it then we are expecting USD/CHF to continue its northward trend.

High impact Data’s can affect the trend of pair. Data’s like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate.


Ally Financial Inc. Was Only Bank Below Fed standard In Stress Test

The primary stage of a extensive awaited two stage stress test for the giant banks is in, and all except one stayed over lowest financial ratios set out in the test. That was according to early Federal Reserve results released on Thursday, seeking to discover whether 18 of the biggest financial institutions could survive a deep recession like the credit crunch of 2008.

Ally Financial Inc. most of them owned by the government was the only bank that failed to meet one of the key ratios. The test demonstrate that Ally had 1.5% in capital set apart under a measure recognized as Tier 1 common ratio, which compares the bank’s general equity to its risks weighted assets.

That is considerably beneath the commonly accepted standard of 5%. The other 17 institutions priced better, however many experienced major securities, mortgage and loan losses under the recession scenario.

With the experiment, Fed and the banks measured a hypothetical nine quarter scenario with an unemployment rate of approximately 12% climbed up from 7.9% in January. Banks also appraised how their capital shield would withstand real GDP deteriorating by about 5% and equity prices decreasing by more than 50%. These results assumed an average of the previous four quarters of dividend payments at each bank.

The final results will be released on March 14, could alter considerably for some banks as they are based on each institution’s planned capital distribution plans, including share and dividends repurchases for the next 12 months.

The Fed stated banks cannot pass or fail Thursday’s examination as the regulatory thresholds don’t count this time. However on March 14 Fed will announce whether or not it support each institution’s payout plans.


AUD/USD D1 Technical February 06

Aussies is in bearish strength today. Pair should go down  and target 1.0300 level. Bollinger bands are showing oversold zone for AUD. So, there can be some retracement but over all the trend will be downward below 1.0480 level. If today pair manage to give a closure under 1.0350 level that will more clear the scenario and pair will become under pressure.

High impact News can affect the movement of AUD/USD.News like Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.


President Barack Obama Permit Immelt-Led Advisory Council on Jobs to Expire

President Barack Obama won’t renovate the charter of an advisory council on jobs that he created two years ago with General Electric Co. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt as its chairman.

The 27-member President’s Council on Competitiveness and Jobs was part of the administration’s business outreach at a time when the country was dealing with the greatest stretch of unemployment rates over 9 percent since monthly records began in 1948.

Jay Carney, White House press secretary said that the panel was constantly intended to have a two-year charter, no substitute has been announced.

He further said that Obama is scheduling to follow up by working with groups and businesses outside the White House to make progress on some of the council’s detailed proposal’s, including reducing government debt, setting priorities for infrastructure projects and reworking the US tax code.

The president also is consulting with company executives on particular issues, including a call yesterday with over a dozen business leaders regarding restoring US immigration law.

The US is stressed to restore the jobs lost during the recession. The unemployment rate was 7.8 percent previous month, same rate as in September. Claims for unemployment benefits augmented more than predicted previous week, to 368,000 the Labor Department reported today.

Obama’s Republican critics stated that the president has not pay attention to advice on what is required to bring down the jobless rate.

Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio said that whether rejecting its recommendations or ignoring the group, the president treated his Jobs Council as more of a irritation than a vehicle to urge job creation.


USD/CHF D1 Technical February 01

USD/CHF is in bearish strength. It break its all key support and now testing 0.9040 support level. If pair manage to break this level and H4 candle close below 0.9040 level then pair will be more under pressure and continue its southward movement. Price action on 0.9040 level should be carefully watch, as rate is on last Bollinger showing over sold off pair so there can be some retracement.

High impact News of USD can affect the pair. News likeI. Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and ISM Manufacturing PMI.


EUR/USD D1 Technical February 01

Rate is on top of Bollinger showing overbought of pair. We are expecting EUR to get a pull back from 1.3710 level and correction should be towards 1.3600 support level. If H4 candle close below 1.3710 level, then EUR will start moving towards south. On the contrary, Break of 1.3710 level will provide more strength to EUR/USD.

High impact News  can affect the pair. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and ISM Manufacturing PMI.


GBP/USD D1 Technical February 01

Bollinger bands are showing buy signals for the GBP. Yesterday closing above 23.6 % Fibonacci is also showing Bullish movement of GBP/USD . Today’s support is at 1.5800 level and we are expecting pair to continue its uppish trend  and target 38.2 % Fibonacci level, but price action on 1.5912 level is important to watch. Pair can get a pullback from this resistance zone. If pair breakthrough 1.5912 level then it will target 1.5930 level, which is 38.2 % Fibonacci.

High impact Data’s can affect the movement of GB/USD. Data’s like Manufacturing PMI,  Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and ISM Manufacturing PMI.



AUD/USD D1 Technical February 01

AUD is currently testing its support around 1.0345 level. Pair has bearish strength to continue its downward trend. Yesterday  pair didn’t manage to close above 61.8 % Fibonacci level, so pair starts moving towards 50.0 % Fibonacci and now targeting  38.2% Fibonacci. If today pair manage to close below 38.2 % Fibonacci then AUD/USD will get more potential and move towards southward and target 23.6 % Fibonacci.

Lately High impact News can affect the trend of pair. News like Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and ISM Manufacturing PMI.